Saturday, June 19, 2010

So It Begins!

The stage is set for the next Otisburg release!

The writing has begun!

No plans on a release date right now but the plan (keep in mind I said the plan) is to record and release a FULL-LENGTH album!

So as I said we are not going to announce a release date and there is no plan to come up with a title just yet. As this stage we are just working on the writing process.

Our plan is document the entire process from beginning to end of this release so if you want to keep updated with it just keep coming back here and I will be posting as often as possible with what is going on with it and what stages we are at with it.

Right now, we have about 10 songs that we are thinking of putting on there and continuing to write more stuff so that we will have a pretty good batch of tunes to pick from when it comes time to record them.

So anyway, stay tuned. We'll try to keep this updated as often as possible.