Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Born Yesterday Re-Issue Update

Just a quick update so we can honestly say that we are attempting to keep this blog updated (LoL!).

Things are progressing pretty well on the re-release. The track listing is more or less determined. 4 of the songs of course are the songs that were released on the original release of Born Yesterday and the plan right now is to include 2 more tracks.

The next step which we are earnestly working on is getting the front, inside and back cover art done. The front cover is essentially the same, aside from some arrangement changes. The back cover will be completely different. The inside art will obviously be different because we never really had any inside cover done in the first place.

We are going to do something a bit interesting with the liner notes though. They will not be included with the CDs themselves. We will actually be writing up all of the liner notes and posting them on a website and will include a link to that website somewhere on the back or inside cover.

As always, we will continue to try and keep this site updated with what is going on with the re-release.

P.S. Work has begun on the follow up to Born Yesterday. No title has been decided on but we have finished writing most of the songs for it and am now working on which ones will actually show up on the album.