Tuesday, April 03, 2012

4 songs and counting

OK yeah we lapsed a little bit updating this puppy. Sorry about that folks. We have not been idle though. What do they say about idle hands? But I digress. Point is we have 4 songs basically finished up now. Sure there are little things here and there. When you're an artist you always got something to touch up it seems. But we have talked a lot more, Steve and I, about our plans with these songs. Long story short we think we are planning on doing 2-3 more songs and having an EP out to you this summer. We are going to forge on ahead for now and give you more details later. We almost decided to release a track listing, but we are going to hold up on that now because we want you to have a for-sure track listing rather than one based on what we know now. Because, who knows, it could always change if we write some new amazing song we wanna drop on there!