Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well everyone, here's me, Scott, with a new update on progress toward two new Otisburg songs! I have vocal tracks! Well--lead vocal tracks to be precise. I have done some tentative mixing but will need to sit down with the tracks and really go through them. I plan to do this tomorrow night. One of the songs should be fairly complete already. The other will need a little more work. I am actually hoping that I'll be 90% finished with mixing tomorrow! Then Steve said he might want to hear the tracks back and drop some bg vox on top as well. Heck who knows maybe I will be able to add some bg vox or other little goodies here and there too. You can't put a timeframe on art, but I'm guessing that if I spend tomorrow and then some time this upcoming week on things, we'll then just need one more mixing session and we'll have two songs down ready to get mastered or whatever.

So I am not really supposed to talk about it, but the next thing after this is supposedly recording more songs. Steve and I haven't hammered out where we're going with the new songs. Just so you know, it could be a little while before they see the light of day. We talked before about releasing one or two songs at a time on our Bandcamp or iTunes or whatever--no real details so to speak, but something along those lines--but we have also talked about saving them a little while for something more complete. If we keep this up, "something more complete" might not be that far away! OK that's all I'm going to say for now...later.