Friday, January 27, 2012


Steve here. Just thought I'd post an update on what's going on with Otisburg right now.

As Scott had mentioned, we have a lot of stuff that we would like to get released and we are about to hit full steam ahead!

A few days ago, Scott recorded a couple of songs and sent the files to me so I could lay down some vox. So today, since I had a day off from work, I decided to spend the day working on the vocal tracks.

Originally, I had only planned on doing the vocal tracks for one song but after getting that one done to my liking, I felt like since I had everything already set up, had plenty of time left, and there was another song that needed vocals on it, that I would work on that one too.

So I finished the vocal tracks done for two songs and sent those back to Scott so the final tweaks could be made on them.

In addition, I recorded some acoustic demos to play around with.

Scott and I are going to try and keep this blog updated as much as possible during the process of all this recording so keep coming back for more updates.

Steve, over and out!