Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Year of Otisburg!

Hey everyone, Scott here wishing you a happy 2012 - year of Otisburg! Aw yeah!

Otisburg has had many stops and starts, especially over the last few years. Somehow it always seems like we get jinked by technological issues or distance between band members, or just life in general. But no more! Steve and I have been working on some new songs behind the scenes a bit and it is definite that there will be some new material coming out this year.

I'm especially excited because this will be time for me to return to my
musical roots so to speak. Although I've been here and there with music
over the years, being in an indie rock/emo band at one point and an
electro-rock band at another, and then a super poppy pop/punk band, I've
always maintained a special connection with Otisburg, the quirky
band-of-its-own that served as the first time I was ever serious about
music in a big city. Is it punk? Is it rock? Is it "alternative?" That has
never mattered to Otisburg, but something cool happened instead and we
just kept being ourselves.

The thing I am most excited about this year, is that although Otisburg has
written many, many songs, we've never been able to record and release
them. So there are just a ton of songs sitting around in our heads or in
notebooks that we've never put out there. There are others we've played
live and shared with friends, or even recorded simple demos of, that
definitely deserve some airtime. For instance, songs like Mistakes and
Radio Unfriendly should be out there!

So Steve and I are planning to put those out in the ensuing months, along
with new songs that we've never shared with anyone or are in the middle of
writing now! It should be fun. The great thing about it is that we are
both at a new skill level with writing, playing, and recording songs. I
feel like now, more than ever, we're going to be able to express what we
want and not be limited in any way, like we may have been at certain
points in the past. I feel that even the old songs we redo are going to
have a little shine on them that may have gone unexpressed in the past.

So get pumped for it! I mean it! Get excited! Otisburg's 2012 should be a
good one. I know we've said things in the past that we couldn't follow
through on, but we have a new level of devotion now, and adversity and
obstacles are not going to keep us down! No way!

So bookmark this blog and come back often. We're not going to be resting
on our laurels! We'll see you soon!!!

....Oh yeah, wait...I forgot to mention, go find us on iTunes and write us
a review on CD Baby! The Born Yesterday EP re-issue is pretty fun and its
out there now, in case I need to say it again!